The Night of the Hunter

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Robert Mitchum's self-ordained preacher is a wolf among sheep, wandering the backroads of Depression-era West Virginia looking for the hidden loot from a bank robbery gone wrong. He'll stop at nothing to get his tattooed hands (one with "love", the other "hate") on the stolen money, including wooing Shelley Winters' fragile widow and stalking her two small children across a dark, fairy-tale landscape. When the kids seek refuge in a children's home, Mitchum faces off with his toughest adversary – the home's elderly shotgun-toting protector played by silent film star Lillian Gish.

The great actor Charles Laughton would famously make The Night of the Hunter his one-and-only film to direct and he pulled out all the stops. Imbuing it with a poetic expressionism rare for 1955, Laughton would construct one of the greatest films of the American cinema and help Mitchum create one of his most indelible roles.

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