Out of the Past

Robert Mitchum can't shake his detective past, even while running a gas station in a quiet California town. Tracked down by an old associate, Mitchum is recalled back into the shadows of a cold case by Kirk Douglas' well-heeled gangster. There was once a matter of missing money and a missing woman, with Mitchum hired to find both. It didn't end well and there's still a debt owed. One last job to do.

Jane Greer connects the two men's past and present, and will decide their future – the femme fatale, an irresistible (and inescapable) guide into darkness. And Mitchum's heavy-lidded eyes and now legendary laconic performance suggests he might already have one foot in the grave.
With double and triple-crosses, flashback story-telling, unavoidable fatalism, doom-laden cinematography and director Jacques Tourneur's facility with haunting narrative, Out of the Past is a quintessential film noir and a defining role in the Mitchum filmography.

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